May 21, 2015

New Policy on Slide Tackling

This week, WLSC has adopted a new policy regarding slide tackling. As you probably already know, slide tackling is and always has been a foul. The restart is a free kick for the opposing team from the spot of the foul.

However, beginning with games on May 23rd, WLSC has adopted the following new policy:

  • If a player slide tackles another player, he or she will be warned and removed from the game. That player must sit out the remainder of the quarter.
  • If the same player slide tackles again, he or she will be ejected from the game. 

Why the New Policy?

You may be wondering why a new policy was adopted, especially in mid-season. There were some concerns on one of our younger division fields that were raised during a game last week. We felt that some action needed to be taken to ensure the safety of all our players.

Please recognize, this will not affect 99% of our players, who are not slide tackling anyway. This is to ensure that in the event a player is playing in a reckless manner, he or she is removed and is not causing harm to anyone else.

What is a Slide Tackle?

A sliding tackle or slide tackle is a tackle in soccer in which a player attempts to take the ball away from an opposing player by deliberately leaving his feet and sliding along he ground with one leg extended to push the ball away from the opposing player.

For clarification, it is a foul to slide or attempt to slide after a player with the ball, which means even if a player tries and misses, he or she will still be penalized and removed from the game, using either first or second offense procedures from above.

Is All Sliding a Foul?

Sliding in and of itself is not a foul. It is only and foul and will be penalized if the intent was to take the ball from another player or to make contact with another player.

Some examples of when sliding wouldn't be a foul are: a player sliding to save a ball from going out of bounds or into the goal (assuming opposing players are not near the ball) or a goalie sliding to make a save.

If a goalie slide tackles, he or she will be removed and be penalized with the same guidelines as field players from above.

May 2, 2015

Welcome to WLSC 2015

After months of preparation, the soccer season is finally here! To all players, parents, grandparents and spectators, we welcome you to the Spring season of Washington Local Soccer.

We invite you to visit the concessions tent throughout the season. We have volunteers who will be able to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we will have snacks and spirit wear available for purchase while you enjoy the games.

We wish all of our teams a fantastic season. We look forward to you joining us every Saturday morning from now until June 6th.

April 27, 2015

Schedules Are Now Posted

There was some confusion about schedules over the weekend, due to the fact that team numbers were left off of the U-11 Coaching Contacts. That has now been corrected. Throughout the week, we will be finalizing the field layout and setting up the league standings page for the U-11 and U-14 divisions.

If you see anything that needs corrected in the schedules, please email Cameron at with the information and it will get corrected as soon as possible.